Paedophiles in Government? What are we waiting for?


Now pointing the finger before proof is never the right thing to do – unless it’s at the Government, because we already know they’re guilty of a million crimes against humanity, right?

When accusations of shady affairs are thrown at Parliament, people are totally up for a bit of MP-bashing. So why should the recent child abuse allegations be any different?

Talk of elite paedophile rings – that include Westminster figures – that have been operating for over 50 years have remerged this week. Despite the lack of hard-evidence (spare yourself the image of what that would be); multiple allegations and accounts from victims have surfaced in the past thanks to the ‘Dickens Dossier’. But they have since faded into obscurity – almost as if the media doesn’t want to expose our kiddy-fiddling masters. Who would’ve thought it?

To summarise the lengthy string of confusing events – it emerged that ‘explosive’ child abuse allegations regarding powerful people in Westminster miraculously vanished after they were passed to Leon Brittain – former home secretary in the 1980s – who died a few days ago.

Dear old Margaret Thatcher, also dead, has also been implicated in the secrecy after it was revealed that she received a damning document regarding M16 spy Sir Peter Hayman, who is also dead. Can you see a pattern emerging here?

Not only have the victims of child abuse had to suffer in secret for most of their lives – evidence only seems to surface after the accused slip away into punishment-free bliss. Who remembers paedophile-of-the-people Jimmy Saville? He might have escaped punishment, but I’m sure he is suffering in his next life as an anal bead.

There will be different approaches to these affairs. Philanthropists will focus on the victims of this abuse – hundreds of which have suffered terrible lives as a result of the injustice. Activists will look at this as further evidence that we should immediately overthrow the Government. Reactionaries might post a Twitter rant about it in between Guardian-stalking. But most people will simply roll their eyes at yet another bleak reality they have no control over. How should we react?

It’s important to make it clear that victims of abuse should not feel ashamed in any way – as it is mainly a lack of their confidence to speak out that prevents the naming and shaming of paedophiles.

Paedophilia soars in the immorality league tables – it’s something that could galvanise even the least inquisitive person. Therefore it provides an apt gateway into the can of worms that is Government corruption. It’s a slippery slope, but everyone will have to take the tumble if we are going to oust greedy, soulless, kiddy-fiddling elites.

But it’s important to not let our reaction descend into shock horror at the abuse itself, or let it stop at the derailment of the accused – but to use it as our motive to ask wider questions about who is in charge of us and why we allow them the privilege.

The NHS, the BBC, the police and the Government are all public bodies that we have bestowed our trust upon – yet time and time again have been caught red-handed abusing it for their own benefit. Need we name the countless scandals?

It’s clear no one really wants to grant power to the establishment – yet everyone does it anyway. Why? We live in a paradigm that exists to serve it. By simply doing the things that are prescribed to us as normal, we allow the corruption to continue. So why don’t we shift perspectives?

It’s mostly fear and ignorance that keeps people conveniently shackled (as well as money) – but that isn’t to blame the people. These are the essential ingredients for our system to operate the way it does – the elite would have it no other way. The dichotomies provided to us and the factors they are judged upon direct our fear; success and failure, rich and poor, right and wrong, life and death.

Turning against the establishment triggers fear of all the negatives here, yet it shouldn’t. To take our current example of child abuse cover-ups in Westminster, it is completely obvious how ridiculous it is to allow this Government to continue ruling us. Yet turning your back would involve turning your life upside down – but why should this be such a fearsome thought if that life relies on corrupt leaders.

If we let love and acceptance be our guide instead of fear and ignorance, we’ll see a shift in power. As wishy-washy as that sounds – it’s simpler than it seems. Think, lots of small actions equal one big action. Our actions towards others create a game of emotional dominoes. Smiling at a stranger, although simple, may lead to them having a happier day. Happiness is contagious, so who knows what you might start.

With a more joyful and connected society, we will know that we don’t stand alone against our crooked masters when they are exposed for crimes like child abuse – they will no longer have a leg to stand on. Start the love revolution today.


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